The Future is in the Palm of Your Hand

It’s no secret that mobile is taking over everything digital, but what are the numbers? What does that take over look like? Vala Afshar and Ali Kafel of ExtremeNetworks have compiled this amazing deck of stats. Each stat is referenced with a link at the bottom of each slide.

Customer Experience is the Currency of Loyalty

Experience is the currency of loyalty. Your business “earns” loyalty credits when you provide good, great, and remarkable experiences for your customers. The more you do that, the more loyalty you get. You “spend” loyalty credits with bad experiences, whether your fault or not.

This concept turns the entire idea of loyalty programs on its head. In reality, customers aren’t the ones earning points. You are.

One Tip for More Effective Email Marketing

The Rule of One.

We have found that our best open and response rates are when the email is focused on a single topic and limited to one paragraph. One topic. One paragraph. One action. No piggybacking. Half of your recipients are seeing that email for the first time on a smartphone. Small screen. Short attention span. Grab their attention with a relevant, compelling subject line, then deliver your personable, bite-sized message with one clear Call To Action.



Brian Mayer is the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Anna Mayer Photography. Based in Milwaukee, WI and San Jose, CA, Anna Mayer is a nationally recognized child and family photographer known for her signature fun, fresh, relationship-driven style and her amazing wall galleries.

Is JCPenny your favorite store?

Just a few thoughts, randomly shared. A couple weeks ago I was in the Twin Cities for a wedding and needed to get a couple of last-minute clothing items for three of my kids.  After unsuccessful trips to a handful of stores I found myself at the JC Penny at Rosedale Mall. Although I hadn’t…

Your company needs a Customer Experience Director

Just as your company needs leadership in each of its core functional areas, the current competitive business environment demands that your company have a leader responsible for and dedicated to ensuring a consistent, optimal customer experience. You need a Customer Experience Director (CXD). So what exactly does a CXD do? The CXD is a leadership…

Recipe for a Customer Experience Manager

and the text version for google: Customer Experience Manager Prep time: Years  |  Bake time: Continually  |  Yield: Raving Fans & Higher Revenue Ingredients 2 pt Marketer 2 pts Sales/Support Rep 2 pts Strategist 1 pt Web Designer 1 pt Analyst 1 pt Collaborator 2 pts Artist 1 pt Creative Problem Solver Directions Combine all…

Head for Rent

When times are tough, some people donate plasma. Others, sell kidneys.  Some, in desperation, even sell their souls. For me, plasma donation doesn’t pay enough, somebody stole one of my kidneys (a long story that ends in an ice-filled bathtub), and my soul is already held by the IRS as collateral.  In light of this and the…

The Return Process and Customer Loyalty

Yesterday, two juxtaposed shopping experiences at Bayshore Mall brought to light the effect of a return process on the customer experience. The result was perhaps a little surprising. Rewind to Black Friday. My wife and I were looking for a pair of semi-dressy, medium heeled, black leather boots for her to wear with a new dress….

Remarkability: The Cure for the Common Business

As a go about my business of being a customer, I have noticed one very remarkable trait common to most business—a remarkable lack of remarkability. There’s nothing going on there that makes me want to tell other people about them. They’re just, well, so… common. Do you want people to talk about your business? Give…

How much will a bad $4 tap beer cost BWW?

So late last night my wife and I decided to go out for a drink.  We hadn’t seen each other much this week and we were both in pretty good spirits.  Our first choice was closed for the night, so we decided to make a stop at another  Bayshore Mall favorite, Buffalo Wild Wings.  We go…

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